Air and Fluid Management Systems

P & M Automotive Equipment endeavours to be a one stop shop operation for our customers. We aim to satisfy all of their needs without them having to run to and fro in order to complete the set up of their workshop. To compliment the sale of our vehicle hoists, wheel service equipment, compressors, engine diagnostic scanners, etc we also install the air and fluid management systems that are so vital in the effective operation of a workshop. We supply high quality parts (e.g. fittings, tanks and piping) for these installations and our service personnel are highly trained to carry out these installations which include:

♦ Air Systems

♦ Oil Systems

♦ Grease Systems

♦ Coolant Systems

♦ Waste Recovery Systems

P & M take on small to large projects in this regard.

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workshop hoist installation

Image 1:
The installation of hoists in a customers workshop.

hoist installation complete

Image 2:
An entire workshop completed by P & M which included the hoists, wheel service equipment and air and oil management systems.

hose installation

Image 3:
Oil reels, piping and hose installed by P & M.

gantry installation

Image 4:
Oil reels, piping and hose installed on a gantry by P & M.

oil tank installation

Image 5:
Oil tanks complete with piping, pumps and fittings, installed by P & M.

piping installed

Image 6:
Reels, hoses, piping and fittings installed by P & M.